No bloody wifi at the motel last night, so this is a blackberry update.

We're on the road in Louisiana, heading towards New Orleans. Apparently it's a little dangerous now but we're in the French Quarter which is supposed to be ok.

We were in Beaumont last night and once again epically failed to watch beer with the sunset. In fact we epically failed to do anything until we found a friendly unlicensed cab who took us to a bar several miles away from out motel.

Nice bar, decent beer, friendly people. Generally was a great improvement over how it looked like the night was turning out.

Before that we were in Austin which throughly redeemed itself from the previous night. Many thanks to Sidra and Dennis who gave us some excellent directions to both a nice place for breakfast (delicious) and somewhere to buy cowboy boots. We also hit a fun sweetshop so we're all spending the day in the car bouncing off the sides!

The boot shop was rather fun, just rows and rows of incredible boots (at eye watering prices) with very friendly sales staff, even if one of them set some rattlesnakes on Mike. Ah well, he recovered shaken and somewhat stirred.

We all got great hats as well - styling!

Dunkyb out