Well, to be honest we're all a bit worried, it's been 13 hours now and Cockey is still grinning like a loon. We're not sure what went on up there as he won't tell us, but sources close to Cockey suggest it involved whipped cream, cheese and a strapon dildo.

KingOfWang also seemed to enjoy himself - no strapon for him but we are hearing news a miniture poodle was involved. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Slotsman and Dongkey were more sat on the sidelines - comfy chairs, expensive beers and a rabid pack of our own personal attack strippers who were warding off other strippers who dared to approach them.

Cocky was a fan of one lady in particular, and soon grasped the fundemental tricks of folding dollar biils in half and sliding them into things. Well, we say soon but it did have to be patiently explained a few times. Perhaps he is the living embodiment that men do not have enough blood to run both brains at once!

Still, we were called 'true gentlemen' (again I hasten to add) and only one of our number sustained any bites. For bonus points, guess who!

Dongkey out