Duncan "Dunkyb" Brewer

Duncan Brewer

Dunkyb completed the original Monster Pub Crawl that defined the start of the RPRF and promptly retired for a cheeky G+T. Leaving university he found gainful employment as a rocket scientist before retiring due to his inability to grow the mandatory beard or wear tweed. With a somewhat obsessive fondness for gadgets he can usually be found staring at some small handheld device and wondering why it fails to do his bidding.

His ability to get himself out of trouble is only equalled by his ability to get into it in the first place.

Mike "Scotsman" Cripps

Mike Cripps

Scotsman completed the original Monster Pub Crawl with dunkyb and the two spent the remainder of the university year in the Cambridge Arms. After university he settled in London (well, Acton) as a software developer. A (very) brief fling with the military was scuppered by his dislike of being shouted at by short angry men.

He often attempts to drink small bars out of their quality Scotch whisky collection before drunkenly commentating on cricket matches being played half-way round the world.

Alex "Corkscrew" Labram

Alex Labram

Corkscrew joined the RPRF after the second Monster Pub Crawl, despite failing to realise he'd made it around the entire course. Since then he has been a stalwart of the events, always remembering to bring a bottle opener. He is usually trailed by a retinue of adoring women, all of whom he completely fails to notice.

Despite a slight fondness for fat chicks (If you fit this description Alex can be contacted through this site!) he has survived the transition from university and is currently gainfully employed in Reading.

Russ "KingofWrong" Williams

Russ Williams

KingofWrong joined the RPRF after breezing through the Monster Pub Crawl. He has forsaken the attractions of the video games industry to become a rocket scientist and drain all pubs in North Bristol of their real ale. Russ has been to the USA before and is therefore pleading the 5th on anything that may have occurred during that time.

Whilst being the oldest member of the group (legend has it he forgot to go to university until he was 25) his years of arduous training enable his liver to meet and often surpass those of his younger colleagues.