The RPRF Road Trip

The RPRF have hired a car in Los Angeles and are driving to Miami - around 3000 miles - in twelve days.

This site is our journal for the trip, and a repository for photos and GPS tracking data. Enjoy!

What's more awesome than a road trip across the United States?

Posted by dunkyb on Saturday, 26th July 2008 at 19:21 GMT
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I think I know the answer to what the RPRF are going to do for their next travelstunt.

It's big, it's clever, requires around the same time frame and means we'll have to come up with a new map for this site.

Tracking should be fun though!

Dunkyb out

Champagne Breakfast

Posted by dunkyb on Wednesday, 4th June 2008 at 10:38 GMT
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Not sure if any of your are checking this, but I'm gauging keen-ness for another RPRF Champagne Breakfast this year.

Could possibly be in Cam (as orginally planned) or as I'm starting to turn to moving it to Hyde Park, or another similar location in London.

Any thoughts?


Posted by dunkyb on Tuesday, 15th April 2008 at 10:47 GMT
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We've been back a couple of days now and I figured it was time I tried to sum up the trip and round things off nicely.

To be honest, I'm not even sure this is possible as I have no idea how such an awesome and astounding trip can soak into our minds over such a short time. Still, a de-brief in a couple of weeks over some beers should help with that one!

Basically, I'm scoring the trip as an incredible success. At a basic level we covered the distance easily and all got home safely. Mind you there were a couple of tricky moments when we noticed both KoW and Corky being interrogated by the American security people. Well, that'll teach them to try and smuggle empty cartridge cases home. (*looks innocent*)

More than that we saw some amazing things that I for one think will stick with me for at least a bloody long time. In effect we saw how the culture of the US changes from coast to coast and possibly more importantly how similar it is at every point. The people were almost entirely friendly, from servers at ice-cream shops at petrol stations in the middle of the desert to boot salesmen in Austin. I don’t think Scotsman will ever get over the shock of the rattlesnake!

The scenery was stunning at the same time. Certainly Florida is by far the most boring state to drive through but it is alone in that. The sheer distance of the views make the uniformity of New Mexico and Texas well worth a visit. And of course, there’s no forgetting the Grand Canyon, not just a big hole!

As a unit we operated well, with basically no major arguments at all and certainly nothing that couldn’t be solved with a round of beer at the next bar. Speaking of beer, contrary to some of our thoughts there are numerous American beers that are tasty and well worth drinking. Sam Adams seemed to attract KoW but even the basic Texan beers of Shinerbock and the other bock one were tasty and by anyone’s standards bloody cheap!

But as with all great trips we had to come home. By the end we were all exhausted and I for one was missing my home comforts. The plane landed and almost immediately I hit my bed and slept for most of Sunday. Waking up for work yesterday was weird. I had to go pick up my dry-cleaning first and just wandering through the familiar streets near my pad was bizarre. I felt almost entirely disassociated with them and everything I was seeing, this feeling lasted until I was well into work and bantering with a colleague.

It’s great to be home but the jaunt was amazing,. However, on balance, there was nowhere I saw that I’d rather be than here.

Dunkyb out