Now this is the way to spend the last few days of my break. Today I've done SFA. Well, that's not strictly true. I got up, had a shower, moved to the balcony and watched the Pelicans.

That's the best feature of this place. Sure I'm overlooking the sea, but more importantly I have a flock of about six pelicans who intermittently appear. They seem to spend their day bobbing up and down (when they're sat on the water), skimming the waves (looks like they're able to use ground effect to some benefit) and diving for fish (Or they keep falling out of the sky for no good reason).

Still, meant I could get through some of the Kindle Daily Deals I've been buying.

Went for a nice amble along the beach this evening (unsuccessfully dodging chunks of Tropical Storm Debby (who names these things?!)). Not enough decent skipping stones if you ask me.

Still, nice quiet day all round. Three days to go until I'm heading back home. How little can I do in that time?