My dastardly plan to stay by the beach for an extra day has finally paid off. IT was sunny today (and a little breezy, but not too bad).

As a result, I went for a swim (to break up my otherwise uninterrupted day of lazing around). There were some flaws with this plan:

1) my contact lens were washed out within the first five minutes by..
2) ... the surf. Which was a little over-enthusiastic, probably 3 - 6 ft breakers. This was very popular for the...
3) ... surfers. One of whom decided to try and run me over.

Aside from that, all good fun!

Am getting up early to try and see the Delta IV Heavy launch tomorrow morning (it's a little early...)

Am rapidaly running out of time on this break. Still, it's certainly feeling like it's time to go home. That's gotta be a good thing (either that, or I'm looking forward to a First Class flight).