Ah, it's good to be home again. Can cook and eat my own food, watch my own TV shows, sleep in my own bed. All very pleasant.

So, thoughts from the journey?

Well, I'm not planning on buying a Camaro. There's a lot of good things about the car: It's very comfy, goes like it's jet propelled, gets decent fuel economy. On the other hand, it's automatic (not a terrible auto, but still a bit clunky), it understeers like the steering wheel isn't connected to anything (the engine is pretty damn heavy) and the visbility is atrocious (I've ranted about this one before).

Still, according to the stats, I spent 160 hours driving in it over the past two months, which is quite a long time. I've seen an awful lot of roads, almost all of whom had terrible road surfaces. For some reason, the Americans are generally unable to keep their roads anywhere near flat, preferring massive potholes. This may be acceptable when you're driving something with soft suspension, but the Camaro had 'sporty' suspension, which just led to a series of dull thuds along the roads.

So, any questions about the trip?