I've actually been to the Kennedy Space Center before. All I remember was allegedly seeing an armadillo during the bus tour around the various sights in the centre.

Luckily, this time was different. Within a few minutes of starting the bus tour, we saw an alligator. According to my book, Alligator >> Armadillo. So the day was looking up already.

I don't remember any of the centre from my previous visit, so I'm going to assume that either a) I was blind drunk last time I was there or b) They've changed a lot. I'm pretty sure 13 is below the drinking age in the USA, so a) is looking doubtful (though not impossible...).

Anyhoo, got to see some cool stuffs today. The weather may have been piss-poor again but it was a surprisingly fun day - I got there at 1100 and didn't escape until 1630, that ranks it the #2 museum to the USAF one.

So, what did I see? Well, there was an Alligator but I'm pretty sure I covered that earlier. There was a pervading sense of decline throughout the whole place. Pretty much every exhibit was 'Look at this cool thing we did tens of years ago' (with the occasional 'We fucked up and killed these people') but almost nothing that was 'We've come up with these cool ideas for what to do next'.

Yes, I know full well that NASA's budget is a fraction of what it was but for fucks sake! It took ~42 years for mankind to get from Lindbergh crossing the Atlantic solo to landing on the moon. In Decemeber it'll be 40 years since we last landed on the moon. And what the hell have we done since?

Still, was cool to see all the old hardware and get a feel (there were some very good cinema presentations about Apollo narrated by the various people who were there) for how these things felt at the time.

Then I spent the evening sat on my balcony drinking a beer (or six), reading a book and trying not to get blown away (this tropical storm may be slow, but it's certainly fairly breezy). That was extremely nice. So nice I'm going to do it tomorrow. This will lead to one hell of a drive (possibly through the aforementioned storm) on Friday to get back to Atlanta. That'll be entertaining.